“NAT Matters” is the newsletter for Northern Access Television Members.  While mainly aimed at our members, it is also of interest to those with an interest in Community TV in general.

To be added to the mailing list for the newsletter – either by Email or Mail, please email Michael – michcos@optusnet.com.au  –  Please specify if you want it mailed or emailed (or both).

Special edition of “NAT Matters” newsletter.

We will be publishing a “Special” edition of our November 2020 newsletter “NAT Matters”.  Contributions to this issue from past and present members are being called for.  To discuss possible content, please contact Michael – michael@nat30years.info

Call for old NAT footage and still photos, etc.

If you have any old footage or photos of NAT programs, NAT people at work, etc, please let us know  –  if you can help,  please email Michael Costello :- michael@nat30years.info

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NEXT ISSUE:- November 2020.

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Newsletter – “NAT Matters”

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