Management Headline

Committee of Management

The Committee of Management of NAT meets to make decisions on an organizational level of NAT. Members of the Management Committee are elected at the Annual General Meeting for a term of 1 year and meet usually once every two months. Members of NAT are welcome to attend meetings. Contact our Secretary for more information.

The 2010/11 Office Bearers are:-

  • Simon Moore - President and Public Officer
  • Paul Spanos - Secretary, MCTC Board Representative & Assembly Representative
  • Poppi Athinis - Treasurer
  • Jon Petropoulos - MCTC Assembly Delegate

    Feel free to contact us to discuss anything about NAT or Channel 31.

    Postal Address:
    Northern Access TV
    PO Box 471
    Brunswick VIC 3056

    How to contact our Office Bearers

    Simon Moore
    E-mail :

    Paul Spanos
    E-mail :

    Poppi Athinis
    E-mail :

    Contacts for NAT Producers
    Please see the Program Guide for contact details of Program Producers